Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I calculate the cost of your products with shipping?

A: Calculating the total cost of your order is very easy. Simply select the item you'd like to order by highlighting in the "pull-down" menu.
Enter the quantity you desire, and click your curser on the "add to cart button". Then simply click the "view cart" button.
You will be asked for your country/zip code and you may then select your desired shipping preference. After this, you will see the grand total
of your order with shipping charges. You may then select a different shipping method and recalculate, continue shopping, check out, or abandon the order entirely.
It's that simple!

Q: Why don't you publish your phone number on the website?

A: In order to offer our products at the lowest prices possible, we need to work as efficiently as possible.
We audiophiles LOVE to talk about our gear... including me, and this will typically lengthen a short phone call for a "quick question"
around 30 minutes! As much as I'd love to speak with my audiophile friends, I simply wouldn't have time to pack orders, answer e-mails,
and do the necessary R&D if I was fielding phone calls throughout the workday. I take periodic breaks throughout the day (and night, and weekends)
to answer e-mails promptly. This means your question is being answered when my mind is "fresh" and fully focused on YOU,
not an activity I had to abandon to answer the phone.

Q: Can I return a product if I don't like it?

A: No returns on kits. Our premium line of finished preamps can be returned within 15 days but subject to a 15% return fee and you pay shipping.
For our full terms and conditions of sale please see our terms and conditions page.

Q: Do you ship International orders with UPS or FedEx?

A: No. The US Postal service paperwork is significantly less convoluted than either UPS or FedEx. I've also had problems with UPS charging outrageous fees
to Canadian and European customers.

Q: USA shipments?

A: Although the USPS is a bit less expensive on small/light packages, FedEx is actually more cost-efficient with heavier packages over a few pounds.
When taking into account the additional cost for insurance and delivery confirmation with USPS, I have found FedEx to be the better deal,
Keep in mind that $2 to $3 is automatically added to the shipping cost to cover packaging materials and supplies.

Q: Do you accept telephone orders or mail orders?

A: No. It creates logistical problems when I accept orders over the phone or thru the mail. My online shopping cart utilizes 128 bit encryption,
so you may order through the website with confidence.

Q: Do you have a dealer network?

A: No, but there are now 3 people at separate locations handling different types of orders.
Roy is in Washington state and handles all design and most technical support, as well as preamp kit sales and special/custom orders.
Troy is in South Dakota and handles finished preamps and also service on both amps and preamps.
Bob is in Massachusetts and handles all amplifier sales, both kit and pre-assembled.
Since our products are purchased mostly thru customer referrals and word of mouth via the internet,
our prices are about 1/2 to 1/3 what retail prices would be for equivilent products and quality.

Q: How does "brand A or X" compare to your product(s)?

A: There are many fine products and manufacturers in the audiophile marketplace. I don't feel it's appropriate for me to make
subjective comments on a product I manufacture or sell V.S. a competitor's product, due to the obvious conflict of interest.
I think subjective evaluations are best left to my customers who have no vested interest in expressing an opinion.
We do support an online forum , where you'll find many comments and questions from actual users of our products