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Tubes 4 HiFi is also known as Vacuum Tube Audio

Our best known product is the VTA ST70 PCB modification for the Dynaco ST-70 amplifier,
that first appeared in a Glass Audio magazine article in 1989.

You can purchase any of our products here from these web pages,
making payment with a credit card through PayPal, or sending us a money order.
Thanks for your support!

Please contact me at anytime to order these items or to inquire about other products.

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our famous VTA70 driver PCB upgrade for your amp!

we've been selling this modification/upgrade for the ST70 for 26 years now!!

NOTE: I'm back from vacation, order now!

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for our new BOOK store page
also some audiophile CDs, tubes, tools, connectors, and interconnects

ST70 - VTA70 amplifier

ST120 - VTA120 amplifier

MK3 monoblocks

M125 monoblocks

PAS3 preamp

preamp kits
SP9 SP12 SP14

PREMIER assembled/tested
plug & play preamps

phono only preamps
PH6 PH10 PH12 PH14 PH16

SP14 by Don

click here to go to our downloadable Dynaco manuals page

our dealer on the east coast is Bob Latino. . . check out his BRAND NEW Dynaco ST70 kits OR ready-built amps
including the high powered stereo ST120 tube amp and new M125 monoblocks click here!!

you can send email to Bob Latino at: for info on these complete kits or amps .

visit our "Dynaco Tube Audio Forum"

our Glass Audio magazine article comparison test of ST70 modifications

send email to ROY at:

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 tubes 4 hifi
 "the path of least resistance is through a vacuum"