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SP10 preamp

SP13 preamp

SP14 preamp

PH-14 phono

PH-16 phono


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SP10 preamp

a 4 tube line stage only preamp, 4 inputs, 1 output, remote control input and volume !!
A real bargain, better than many I've seen over $800 !!

SP10 preamp, fully assembled & tested with remote control
$520 plus shipping

3-4 weeks delivery

the new SP10 is an incredible bargain, there is no way I could have built this preamp for under $900 
so yes, I have to admit it's imported from China.  But before you turn away, I want you to know I have 
personally and throughly checked this out, it's now in my own personal system.
This preamp is extremely well built, solid heavy chassis, excellent circuit design, and great sound from four 12AX7 tubes.
This assembled/tested/warranteed version will cost you much less than I could build it for.
Included is a remote control for motorized volume (ALPs volume control) and relay selection of four inputs.
One output, no tape loop, no tone controls, just a super nice package that delivers excellent tube audio music.
Size is 12.5" wide x 12.5" deep x 4.0" tall and it weights a hefty 9#.

SP13 preamp

the SP13 is back and is an incredible bargain. 90% identical design and parts
as the premium SP14 preamp, at one HALF the cost !!

same chassis as the SP10 above, but fitted with the SP13 circuit board, which uses four 12AU7 tubes. Dual power supplies for B+ and filaments.

takes about 3 weeks from order to ship date

SP13 fully assembled & tested

see more info on the SP13 here . . .

SP14 preamp

this is our very best preamp, using larger 6SN7 octal tubes, in a larger 5" tall chassis.
A much larger PCB, with NO room to add a phono section inside.
NOTE: For phono use with this preamp, you'll need to add a separate phono preamp such as our premium PH14 or PH16 phono preamp below.
This preamp has dual mono regulated power supplies for each channel, for both B+ and filaments.
STANDARD items include a 24 step master volume attenuator and dual mono gain/balance 21 step attenuators, iso-damping chassis, iso-mounts for the circuit board, and more.

Get more complete info here

PH-14 premium phono preamp

This has a full power supply using tube rectification, with HV regulator and filament regulator.
This circuit has a tube buffered output for lower impedance, better drive capability, and enhanced and perfected RIAA EQ.
click here for more info and pricing

PH-16 premium phono preamp

This is our very best phono preamp, this is a phono only separate preamp, and INCLUDES premium grade resistors and capacitor.
premium grade phono only preamp using a JFET (10x less noise than a tube) as a current source in cascode with 6922 tube gain stage
for super low-noise cascode front end followed by passive RIAA EQ, followed by another 6922 gain stage, followed by an AIKIDO output buffer with two 6922 tubes.;
gain is 44db use with MM cartridges or medium to high output MC cartridges.

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 tubes 4 hifi
 "the path of least resistance is through a vacuum"